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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Attack of the Best Buy Zombies

Hubs and I made a visit to Best Buy yesterday. Have you ever been to a store and been "Over Helped?" That's what it seemed like to us. We were approached by no less than 15 employees, who asked us how we were doing and was there anything they could do to help us...we also were approached by a young man with a piece of paper outlining several benefits of shopping at Best Buy....non-commissioned employees, 6-months same as cash credit card, price matching, etc. We had to take the paper to get rid of him.

We would have looked at a lot more items than we did, but any time we showed an interest in anything, it seemed like a helpful elf was right there grinning in our faces. We were considering a new appliance but decided to wait on the decision. But, we did have a $20 prepaid phone card in our cart that we intended to get. We decided to leave without buying it, because we had had enough of the employees!

We usually really enjoy browsing, but we really felt surrounded. By employee onslaught number 12, we were trying to head out of there. I tell you, it was similar to a zombie movie. We couldn't get out of there fast enough before at least 3 more employees were on us.

I don't know if they had a Regional Director visiting their store or what. They were over-helping to the point of driving people away!

We did order our appliance, but not from Best Buy. I decided to order from a locally owned company we have ordered from several times in the past. The price was lower for both the product and the delivery and the local company will not be charging for hauling away our old appliance. Best Buy was going to charge $30 more for that.