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Monday, June 23, 2008

Kroger Daytona 500 Promotion

Kroger is having a Daytona500 special, if you buy 10 products with the Daytona 500 logo on them (see yellow tags on shelves to help you find them) you get $3.00 off your total purchase when you use your Kroger Plus card.

Kroger has Purex in the 32 load size on sale for $2.50. There are .50 cent coupons circulating, so maybe you have some. I had ten of those coupons, and Kroger doubles manufacturer's coupons so that knocked my price down to $1.50 each. After taking the $3.00 additional discount into consideration, that made my final cost per bottle $1.20. I have 4 kids and do at least a load or two of laundry per day, so 10 bottles is really not a ridiculous amount to have. It won't go bad before I can use it.

Now I'm wondering if I can find a listing of all the Daytona500 promotion eligible products. There could be even more great deals to be found. In any case, I am now stocked up for laundry detergent for a good long time!

If I can find the list of eligible products, I will post them here.

28 June 2008 UPDATE: I contacted Kroger and they told me they don't have a list of the products in a format that they can send to me. They advise that we ask our local store for a list of the products (bah)

Happy Saving!!!