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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Tampons and PantiLiners at CVS

CVS Pharmacy has ExtraCare Bucks on CVS Brand Pantiliners ... buy at
.99 cents and get .99 cents back in ExtraCare Bucks. (Limit 2). They
also had 1.49 ExtraCare Bucks back on CVS Tampons (also limit 2) So
both of these were free after the ExtraBucks. You need to pay for the four items, but you will get the amount of the items, less tax, back in the form of the coupon that prints out at the end of your receipt. I think this ExtraCare Bucks (ECB) deal is good through July 31, 2008.

I wanted to get 3 Sunday newspapers for the coupons,
so I bought them first, so I could get the nearly $5 in ExtraCare Bucks.

(At the CVS at the corner of US78 and Rockdale Circle (by Quick Trip),
they don't care if I turn right around and use the coupons
right then, instead of using them on a return trip).

It is well worth getting today's paper, because there is a coupon in there for $2.25 off Electrasol dishwasher detergent. That's half that's great but hang on and don't get too eager to use the coupon, especially if you already have plenty of dishwasher detergent stocked away...wait for the Electrasol to go on sale buy one get one free, and guess what? Free dishwasher detergent too!

Electrasol often goes on sale at just need to watch for it. In my case, I have lucked out and got a rain check that locked in the BOGO on Electrasol for me, from when they ran out last time it was on the buy one get one free special, so I should end up getting 3 packages of Electrasol for nearly free if not entirely free.

The Sunday Papers are $2.00 each and I got 3, so that was $6 plus some tax. I used the ExtraCare Buck coupons to buy the papers, plus a dollar or so more.

Organizing Coupons