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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kroger Sale List - Today Thru Saturday July 19

Here are some of the Kroger deals this week. To view the circular, click here, but I will give you an overview of what is a deal and what might not be a deal here.

Kroger is having their 10 for $10 sale again. Keep in mind that some things for a dollar are a great deal for the dollar, but on some of them a dollar isn't really a super price. I haven't listed any of the dollar deals that are mediocre.

If there is a coupon circulating for the item and I know about it, I'll put an asterisk before the item. This is not a complete list, but just a list of some of the things that caught my eye.

Kroger frozen vegetables, $1

Pictsweet Steamers, $1

*Bounty Basic Big Roll Paper Towel $1 - look for free printable coupons
July 6th Proctor and Gamble Sunday Insert had .25 cents off coupon. Doubled, it would take .50 cents off each roll, making it only .50 cents your final cost.

Kroger Saltine Crackers $1 ...
these aren't strong saltines...they don't hold up to a spread and they are very crumbly, but if you don't mind that, they are a great value.

Kroger Waffles (Frozen) $1 - I'm not a fan of these. They aren't very tasty and sometimes have a 'freezer' smell and taste. I'm an Eggo Waffle enthusiast. You can often get Eggo Waffles on sale for $1.12, so I would wait.

Everyday Living Bleach $1...This is the Kroger brand generic bleach. I think bleach is bleach, so this is a good price. Sometimes Clorox brand bleach will go on sale for $1.50

*Rice a Roni/Pasta Roni $1 Stock up if you have coupons...check the expiration dates on the packages and add to your stockpile as appropriate. It usually keeps a long time. Look for free printable coupons

*Hunts Snack Pack Pudding $1
If you don't need/want pudding in individual cups, keep in mind that Publix has the tubs of Kozy Shack Pudding on sale Buy one Get one Free this week. It is delicious but the Kozy Shack isn't individual cups, like this Snack Pack deal. These are nice for school lunches. Look for coupons

Glade Air Freshener Aerosol $1...

Kroger Cream Cheese Bar $1

*French's Yellow Mustard $1...there is a .30 cent off coupon circulating, and once Kroger doubles it, then your mustard ends up being only .40 cents Look for coupons
The coupon was in the
June 22 SmartSource Insert.

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce $1

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1...ever notice that frosting will never be on sale the same time as the cake mix? Get the cake mix when it's a good deal, but avoid the temptation to buy the frosting. The frosting will be on sale later on. Once you have a bit of a stockpile going, you can always afford to wait for the best price.

*Duncan Hines Brownie Mix $1, wonderful to have on hand. Check for coupons.

Boneless, skinless chicken breast $1.99 lb...good price...stock up if you have a freezer

Keebler Town House Crackers, buy any 4 selected Keebler cracker and cookie selected varieties and get $6 off your total at checkout when you use your Kroger Plus Card. Makes the final price $1.50 each.

Half Gallon Milk is $2.27. The way I figure out if it's a good price is by doubling it to get what the price would be per gallon. 2.27 x 2 is $4.54, which is a fairly good price. It works out to about a .50 cent per gallon discount.

Bone in pork chops 1.99 lb. Pretty good price for pork chops, but the kind Kroger has with the bone in are kind of hit and miss. Often the pork chop on top in the package looks great and the pork chops underneath are a disappointment.

*Carolina Pride...the full line of Carolina Pride meat products is 40% off. Look for coupons

Tostitios 2.50...fairly decent price

*General Mills or Post Cereals 2.50..some stores have had cereal on sale for 1.99 lately so I'd just buy what I need and save stocking up for another time and a better deal. Look for coupons

*Tide 2x detergent, 24-32 load bottle ... $5.99 ...I don't usually buy Tide because it is so expensive, and I still think this is expensive, but it's a good price for Tide brand. Look for coupons
.35 cents off coupon was in the
July 6 Proctor and Gamble Sunday Coupon Insert. This coupon will be worth .70 when doubled.

Popsicle treats Buy one Get one Free

Pepsi 12 pack fridge cans 4 for $12...don't you hate how they do that? Why don't they just say $3 each?

*Tropicana Orange Juice Carton $2.99...typical price but look for coupon

Freschetta Pizza $4.50 ... Kroger has had this special price a lot lately. Publix had these for $5.00 each.

Breyer's Ice Cream 2.27

*Suave Shampoo 1.50 Look for coupons
Suave Coupons were in the July 13th Red Plum Sunday Insert.

*Suave Conditioner 1.50
Look for coupons
Suave Coupons were in the July 13th Red Plum Sunday Insert.

*Suave Deodrant 1.50
Look for coupons
Suave Coupons were in the July 13th Red Plum Sunday Insert.
Suave Deodorant Coupons also were in the May 18th Red Plum Insert (.75 cents off)

Suave or Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 2.49 Look for coupons
Suave Coupons were in the July 13th Red Plum Sunday Insert.

Orbit Gum $1

Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat $2.50
Look for coupons

Kroger is moving out their summer furniture and merchandise (patio sets, pools, etc) while supplies last, clearance for 40-50% off original retail. If you have been thinking about getting a patio set, you should check it out immediately for the best selection.