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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snellville Target No Longer Accepts Internet Printed Coupons

Visited Snellville's Target the other day and tried to use TARGET web coupons (coupons I printed directly from Target's website). They do not accept their OWN coupons anymore! It's nuts. Just FYI, don't waste your paper or ink. Personally, I'm not going to waste my gas to go there, either.

....Target Home Office Sales Meeting....

CEO: Gee, business is down, but how can we make things even worse. Any ideas? Anyone?

FLUNKY: We could try pissing the customers off!

CEO: How could we best piss our customers off?

FLUNKY: We could tempt them with our own coupons, printable at our own website, let them waste their paper and expensive printer ink, and when they try to bring the the coupons in and use them, we'll reject them and at the same time, train our clerks to act snotty about it!

CEO: Brilliant idea Mr. Flunky!
Ms. Take, our Personnel Manager, will escort you to your new corner office as Vice President of Sales!