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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Snellville Kroger Deals This Week

I continue to be greatly disappointed by Kroger's recent sale offerings, but here are the 'stand outs' this week, valid 8/17 - 8/23.

Many of the Kroger branded products are on sale for a dollar:
  • Kroger pretzels (sometimes these can be rather bland)
  • Kroger sour cream (16 ounce) ... really good deal for this, usually it's only the 8 ounce container that will go on sale for a dollar.
  • Kroger Cream Cheese - $1
  • Kroger saltine crackers - these are good crackers - I grew up on them! However, they are very crumbly. They don't hold up well to a slice of cheese or a spread, unless you are very very careful. But, if you have children who love crackers like mine do, these are a fantastic deal. Compare the price to Nabisco Premium Saltines, usually $2.79 at most stores. The Premium Saltines are wonderful though and they should be, at that price!
Another good Kroger brand deal is the Kroger Premium Ice Cream, $2 each half gallon. Buy two of them using your Kroger Plus Card, and you can get a 2 ltr of A&W Root Beer (regular or diet), free! This is great ice cream. The packaging is "old style" but the ice cream is excellent. It's root beer float time!

Buy the FlavorSeal Ground Beef in the 5 pound package (the one that looks like a freakishly huge sausage roll) for only $7.95. This averages out to $1.59 per pound. I portion it into five 1-pound packages when I get home, keep a pound or two to use for the week, and freeze up the rest.

Kroger Self Rising Pizza is on sale for $3.50.

Land O'Lakes Butter Spread Margarine in the 8-15 oz size is also on sale for $1.

Bounty Basic Paper Towels on sale for $1

Kleenex Olympic Tissue (I think it probably just has Olympic graphics on the package): $1

So, there are a few good basic deals, but it's not a week to stock up much.