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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Using Coupon Codes To Save Even More Online

It really pays to shop around and look for discount codes when you buy online.

My daughter wanted a pair of Van's shoes priced at $55 at the Van's website.

I looked up the same shoes at Kohl's department store, and discovered they had the same shoe on sale for 44.99. ($10 difference... ca-ching!)

I found a discount code for 10% off, but then I found another code online for 15% off: TAKE15.

My husband has been needing new shoes also, so we put his shoes on the same transaction, which made the purchase over $75 and we were able to take advantage of free shipping. Shipping starts at $6.95, so I was happy about that.
($17 saved with discount code, $6.95 saved on shipping = $23.95!)

There's no avoiding taxes, since Kohl's has locations in Georgia, we need to pay tax.
But with the free shipping and the discount, it was a better deal than we could have gotten at the actual store - plus, we have had problems finding enough size selection in the Snellville Kohl's store.

Total amount saved with coupon codes and free shipping offer: $33.95

A great place to find coupon codes is
A great place to compare prices is
Don't forget to use or as your shopping portal to save even more!
Ebates sends you a rebate check back, Upromise puts a percentage of the sale into a college savings account for your kids.

I just realized I could have gotten 2% cash back on this Kohl's purchase if I had gone through Ebates to get to Kohls! Two percent isn't much, in this case it would have been about 2 dollars, but 2% back for a simple login is worth it.