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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Snellville Publix Disappoints

I always check out the grocery stores' sales circulars online. Especially Publix -- I view their Buy One Get One Free specials online, I write them down, and then I try to match my coupons to those.

It really pays to do that. Yesterday I went to Publix on Scenic Highway, and although their sale started Thursday, and I was there on Saturday, they did not have all the Buy One Get One free sales, or other discounted items marked down. I wouldn't have known there were good deals right in front of me, if I hadn't written the deals down.

The main offender in this was the Meat Department. They didn't have the Tyson meal kits marked down, and those are a great deal for people! You can get Fajita kits and similar meal kits for around $3-$4, rather than $6-$8, that's a good deal! But you wouldn't know about it unless you had the sales circular (the store was also out of the sale circular at the front of the store).

These kits are great -- they have the flour tortillas, the vegetables, the chicken, the salsa, and everything you need to make fajitas in that. They also have Tyson BBQ Pork Ribs half price, but I couldn't find those. I asked for help from two Meat Department employees, and they had no idea where that item was -- and what's worse, they didn't seem to care. Much shrugging of shoulders, so never mind. I like to get meats at half price whenever possible. I was bothered by the lack of concern that they didn't have or didn't know where a sale item was. I also mentioned that the Tyson Meal Kits were not marked sale price, and they didn't seem to care either.

This is out of the ordinary for this Publix -- they usually have good service there. Something must be going on.

The items did ring up at the correct prices though.

For ease of shopping, I am starting to prefer the Loganville Publix at Cooper Road. It's further to drive, but they always have items marked correctly, seem to care about things, and they put the Buy One Get One Free specials in a display area. That makes shopping easy, and they are so nice at that location.