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Monday, October 27, 2008

Kroger Moonlight Madness Deals October 30

Atlanta area Kroger stores are going to have a special sale for 8 hours only on Thursday, October 30, 2008. Here are the items on sale from 4 pm until Midnight on that night:

Big K 2 liter soft drinks: .39 cents
(the cheapest they usually sell these is .59-.63 cents)
The cherry cola, root beer, cream soda, and citrus versions they have are pretty good.

Halloween Candy - Hersheys, Mars, Nestle bags $1.47

Kroger Hot Dog Buns: .50
Regular price is about $1.00

Tombstone Pizzas $1.99
Regular or sale price is usually $2.99 so this is fair, but I'm not personally a fan of this brand of pizza.

Fritos $1.27
This is a good deal, considering the price of corn products, and the usual price is normally over $2. I think this is a good one to stock up on so you'll have some for Thanksgiving. There are also a lot of (non-Thanksgiving!) casseroles that use Fritos in them.

Hormel Party Trays $7.99
I guess this is a good deal if you need/want a party tray...

Oscar Mayer Weiners $1.99
(this is an 'okay' price, especially if you need hot dogs right now. If you don't really need/want hot dogs right now, then pass on this, you will see this price again somewhere!)