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Monday, November 03, 2008

Milk Prices Snellville GA

UPDATE July 2010: Price of milk in the SNellville area is generally about $2.08 to $2.28.

Posted in 2008:
The lowest price for milk has consistently been Aldi Foods, located on Scenic Hwy.
They sell a gallon of milk for $2.49.

Kroger and Publix have regularly had milk from $3.19 to $3.39.

Nov 9 - Nov 15, 2008 Kroger Gallon Milk is $3.28

Aldi definitely has some bargains if their location is convenient to you. Keep in mind that you will need to bring your own bags to Aldi, and a quarter to borrow the shopping cart (the quarter is returned to you when you return the cart to the rack). Aldi also does not accept credit cards or checks, so bring Debit card or cash to pay for your purchases. Their prices are low and the products are their own brand, so you can't use coupons there, but you also won't be stuck behind someone like me with a lot of coupons to be scanned! :)