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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday free DVD rentals from RedBox kiosks

Here's a fun family deal you can get on Mondays.

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On Mondays, they will post a code that allows you 1 free DVD rental (kiosks are in Wal-mart and some Walgreens). The code will expire at Midnight on that Monday.

Rentals are $1.00 each, and you will need a credit card to rent through the kiosk. You are initially charged one dollar. You receive a rental notification by email, and after you return the DVD, you will also receive a return notification email. Then you will receive an email that shows your account has been refunded the dollar.

Rentals are due by 9 pm the next evening. If it's not returned on time, it's $1 a day rental fee. If something happens and you lose the DVD, after 24 days they will charge $24 for the DVD and the DVD is yours to keep, should you ever find it again! See for full details, because the information I have now will go out of date I'm sure.

But we have been very pleased with the RedBox kiosks. There's a tiny learning curve and then I think you will like it too. The selection is a little sparse, but they have limited space in the kiosks. The WalMart on Scenic Hwy has 2 kiosks because the location is so busy. If you and your family mainly want new releases, and have some flexibility, you will probably enjoy RedBox.