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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Learning Express at the Avenue

Learning Express at The Avenue Webb Gin
1250 Scenic Highway, #1716, Lawrenceville GA 30045

Our family really enjoyed a visit to a local store recently, and I wanted to share it with you. The store is called Learning Express and is located in the shops at the Avenue. Learning Express is located in the same part of the shopping center as Ted's Montana Grill and Red Robin. I tend to think of that part of the Avenue at Webb Gin as the restaurant area, so I don't often go to that side of the shopping center. Also next to Learning Express is Mardi Gras inside play space. Learning Express is in Lawrenceville, but near Snellville.

Learning Express is a toy store. I thought it was an educational supply store. I was wrong. It does have educational items and kits in it, but it's a toy store that has quality toys in it. You'll find everything you'd expect - the classics like kazoos, wooden alphabet blocks, harmonicas, doll houses, wooden puzzles, yo-yo's, and Frisbees, to the more modern radio controlled toys.

They have top brands like Playmobil, Lego, American Girl, Melissa & Doug. Now that it's summer and the kids need something fun to play, the store has many outdoor and water toys like Slip 'n' Slide. I bought my kids an UberDart based on the recommendation of co-owner, Chris Farnan. Chris owns the store along with his wife Chrissy. We had so much fun with that toy. No doubt, the Farnans and staff know their toys.
Kids checking out the display that has toys from $1.99 and up.
Great items for stocking stuffers or if your budget is tight.

We spent at least 2 hours in there, I'm not kidding. There's a Thomas the Tank Engine table, a play kitchen, a friction-powered car track and more for the kids to check out. The kids have fun and the toys allow parents to browse the toys a little bit while keeping an eye on the kids.

Usually when I wanted to buy my children toys like Learning Express carries, I had to go a longer distance to a mall or order online. It's nice to know we can go to Learning Express close to home. As we left, just prior to my son's big tantrum because he could "only" spend two hours there, I thought to myself that this is a store that everybody should visit before they buy any gift. There is really something for everyone in this store. You need to go see it for yourself.

Learning Express/Lawrenceville offers:
  • Free gift wrap for Christmas and birthdays
  • Free personalization of items that can be personalized
  • Free birthday registry (includes stickers to affix to your child's birthday invitations that tell family and friends where to find what your child would like for his/her birthday)
For more info: Visit