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Sunday, July 26, 2009

New food product reviews

I reviewed a couple fairly new grocery food products:

Alexia Natural Waffle Fries (chips)
I bought 3 bags of the Alexia Waffle Fries - Why I bought 3 packages: Retails $2.89, on sale half price for 1.45 each. Had $1.00 coupons, so each bag cost me only .45 cents. ... [more]

StarKist SeaSations fish fillets - looking for printable coupon for StarKist SeaSations, will post if I find it. ... if you want to try this product, this is a good time. It retails $5.99, but it on sale for $3.00. I had a Manufacturer's Coupon for $3.00 off, so I got it free. Check through your coupons to see if you have this one. ...[more]