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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Printable Target Coupons

Here is the link for printable Target store coupons. Worth referring back to this link often, because a great way to save money is to use a Store coupon (like a Target coupon) along with a Manufacturer's coupon.

For instance, the PopSecret Microwave Popcorn has a $1.00 off Target Coupon. Put that along with a Manufacturer's Coupon for $1.00 off, and you are taking $2.00 off the price of the popcorn. I don't know how much Target sells PopSecret for, but I really doubt it's over $ assuming the popcorn is 2.69, you would pay .69 cents for a package of popcorn.

This is what's known as "stacking" coupons.
Note: The site let me print coupons out more than once.

UPDATE: I used two of the same PopSecret coupon and had absolutely no problem using them at the Snellville Target store on Scenic Highway. I'm printing out 4 more now! Expect anything CORN related to go up in price due to the floods, so this is a good thing to stock up on.