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Save on all the things you love to do!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Publix BOGO Deals

Just add your coupons for super savings!


Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner (3 bottles) and Lysol Multi Surface Cleaner (3 bottles) for .35 cents each after buy one get one special and .50 cent coupons that doubled. 6 spray bottles for a total of $2.10 when the retail price for one bottle is $2.79 (16.74 regular retail for 6) is not too shabby! Six for less than the retail price of one.

Orville Reddenbacher Microwave Popcorn in the 6-packs retails $4.39, is one Buy One Get One Free Sale at Publix in Snellville. That makes each box $2.20. There are.40 cent off coupons circulating that will double to .80 cents each, making your final cost $1.40.

Electrasol Powerball Gelpacs are buy one get one free - not sure of the price, I forgot to write it down because they were out of the product. I went to customer service and got a rain check to be able to buy up to 10 at the BOGO sale price. The clerk told me that the rain check is supposed to be good for 10 days, but added that they wouldn't be firm on that, so I could bring it back just whenever and they'd honor it. So this is like a private sale that will last a long time for me. Always ask for a Rain Check when they are out of something. It only took 5 minutes max to get the Rain Check.

My personal goodies

Yesterday I was able to get a box of Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereal for free (Manufacturer coupon I received for sending in 5 coupons from competing cereals) $3.79 retail value.

Three packages of Banquet Chicken Dinner, retails $1.79 each (I had emailed Banquet with complaints about a couple of their products)

I saved $24 with manufacturer coupons.

Want to order coupons? Check this page out.
Need to print some free coupons?
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Need a way to organize coupons for maximum savings? Look here

Be warned, saving money can be addicting!

UPDATE: I returned to Publix and they did have the Electrasol in stock. After my $1.50 off IPC (Internet Printed Coupons) I was able to get two large packages for only $1.20 each.