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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kroger's Deals this week July 6 - July 12

The new Kroger weekly ad is here!

Unfortunately, I don't see many great deals in it.

The best deals seem to be in the Meat Department this week.
Fresh Ground Check for 1.99 a lb. You can also buy a 5 pound package of the ground chuck for $9.99. Split Chicken Breasts are 99 cents a pound. Tyson thick sliced bacon is Buy one Get one free, but they don't list the price.

Rotisserie Chickens are $4.88 each. These are also useful for shredding and using in other recipes (I often use it to make quesadillas)

A standout deal is the General Mills Cereals, selected varieties, for 1.99 each.
Use a coupon and this can really be a good value.

Another attention-getter is the Fritos, assorted varieties, for $1.68 each. The price of corn isn't going to escalate as much as originally thought, but it is going to go up. If you or your family like Fritos, I would get extras.

Dannon Activia Yogurt is $2.50 (lots of coupons out there...if you don't have any, do a Google search for printable coupons for Activia.

Cheez - it's, $1.98 each.

Freschetta Pizzas $4.50 each.

Klondike, Mars, Dove, Edy's Dibs frozen ice cream treats $2.99 each (can be a good deal if you have any $1.00 coupons)

Deer Park water, 24 pack, $3.99 (I like this water, I think it's one of the best-tasting)

The other decent deals are mostly the Kroger brand items:

Kroger Premium Orange Juice or Dole Blends, $2.50
Kroger Yogurts in the 6 ounce cups, 39 cents each
(not as much of a deal when you consider I was able to get Yoplait Yogurts for .26 cents each last week, by using coupons on top of a sale price)
Kroger peanut butter, 18 ounce $1.50