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Friday, July 04, 2008

New Milk Containers in our Future

There is a new milk jug on the block, and we might as well start learning to deal with it. I don't like the look of the new jug, it looks so....industrial.

It looks like something that bulk cleaning fluids would come in to me. I guess I will get used to it.

Why the new design? It maximizes shipping space, and means they can ship more milk at a time, saving on shipping costs. The new containers eliminate the need for milk crates. Milk crates used for the old containers of milk not only use up a lot of space, but the crates need to be picked up again at the store when they're emptied, which adds to fuel costs. The crates were also a potential source of contamination, because birds tend to roost on them at dairy locations, so they take a lot of time and energy to clean. The new containers also speed the delivery of milk, because they can be stacked, with just cardboard dividers between them, then the entire pallet of milk is shrink-wrapped and shipped out. So we will hopefully be tasting much fresher milk soon.

Mixed reviews about how it pours. Some people find that they spill so much when they try to pour out of it, that they are going to be wasting money using it. Other people don't think it is easier or harder to pour than the old bottles.
You will probably see these jugs first at Sam's Club and Costco, they are early adopters of these new milk containers.

"The redesign of the gallon milk jug, experts say, is an example of the changes l
ikely to play out in the American economy over the next two decades.
In an era of soaring global demand and higher costs for energy and materials,
virtually every aspect of the economy needs to be re-examined, they say, and
many products must be redesigned for greater efficiency." New York Times

How To Pour With the New Milk Containers:

"Mary Tilton tried to educate the public a few days ago as she stood at a Sam’s Club in North Canton, about 50 miles south of Cleveland, luring shoppers with chocolate chip cookies and milk as she showed them how to pour from the new jugs.

“Just tilt it slowly and pour slowly,” Ms. Tilton said to passing customers as she talked about the jugs’ environmental benefits and cost savings. Instead of picking up the jug, as most people tend to do, she kept it on a table and gently tipped it toward a cup.

Mike Compston, who owns a dairy in Yerington, Nev., described the pouring technique in a telephone interview as a “rock-and-pour instead of a lift-and-tip.”"

To give your opinion in a poll, visit this page. I also have linked several blogger's opinions and news stories about these new milk containers.