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Monday, July 14, 2008

Snellville Back to School Supplies Price Comparisons

The back to school line up....

I browsed over the back to school posts and figured out where each item can be purchased at the lowest price. Of course, it would be crazy to drive all over town to grab these deals...if you were making a special trip to do so...but, if you print out this list and keep it with you, you will know which deals you can grab when you are nearby these stores.

If you just want a quick list to cut and paste and print out to take with you, scroll down to the purple text!

For an acrylic ruler, erasers that fit on the end of the pencil, and paper folders, you can't beat Office Depot's penny sale. Read here for specifics and limits


For Crayola Crayons, Wal-Mart has the lowest price at .22 cents.


For Composition Books, Rite-Aid appears to have the lowest price, .50 cents for a Mead brand composition book. Walgreen's is selling Penway brand for .75 cents.


Walmart has the lowest price, with a 70 sheet spiral notebook for .05
There doesn't appear to be a can't beat anything made of paper for a nickel.


Walgreen's has a 2 pocket folder with prongs for .13 cents, however, there is a limit of 8 at this price. If you pay 2 cents more each at Walmart you can buy as many as you want.
Rite Aid has them for .99 cents each...nope, not a deal there.


For the liquid Elmer's glue in the 4 ounce bottle, Walmart has it at .22 cents. Walgreens has it at .39 cents, but there is a limit of 3 at Walgreen's.

For Elmer's Glue Sticks, same story. Walmart at .22 cents, Walgreens for .39 cents, limit of 3.


Sharpie Permanent Markers, .50 at Walgreens with Walgreen in-store coupon, limit 4
(PS I just found out Sharpie Markers are not hazardous - even though they sure seem like they would be) Still, the Crayola Markers, .99 at Walgreen's, are my favorite type of markers for my kids. Also find Mark It Markers at Rite Aid, 3.99


Walgreen's offers the PaperMate brand mechanical pencils in a 5-10 pack for .39 cents.
10 pack mechanical pencils at Walmart for 1.82 (Bic brand)

Walgreens is the clear winner here, with a 10 pack of PaperMate pens for .39 cents ...use coupon found in the in-store circular.


For Kleenex brand, K-Martso far seems to have the lowest price at 1.25 per box. Runner up is Rite Aid at 1.50 per box, then it's Walgreen's has Kleenex for 1.66 per box. If some manufacturer's coupons for Kleenex come out, that might make the grocery store prices the best. I know Scotties brand just issued a coupon in yesterday's Sunday paper. When the coupon is doubled it can be a great deal.

They are advertising their 10 for $10 back to school list like it's fantastic you can see by comparing to the prices on this page, $1 for most of the back to school shopping items is NOT a good deal. This is another example of why it pays to compare prices. I've just spent 10 minutes comparing but I have clearly saved a lot of money by doing it.

So, here is my shopping list of the lowest prices I have found so far:

Office Depot
Protractor, lmt 5, a penny
Eraser Caps, limit 5, a penny
2 pack paper folders, limit 20, penny each
acrylic ruler, .01 limit 5, a penny each

10 pack Papermate pens, limit of 4, .39 cents with in store coupon
Mechanical Pencil pack, papermate, .39 cents with in store coupon
Sharpie Permanent Marker, .50 limit 4 with in store coupon

70 sheet spiral notebook, .05 cents
2 pkt portfolio w/ prongs .15 cents
2 pack elmer's glue sticks, .22 cents
24 pack Crayola crayons .22 cents

Rite Aid:
Mead Composition Book, .50 cents