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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cccccold Watermelon

I received a great tip today from the lady who works in the Produce section at Publix on Scenic Highway. If you want to buy a cold watermelon instead of a room-temperature one they have on display, just ask them to bring you a cold one from the back! She said they always have many of them refrigerated, because they cut them up for the small serving packages that are displayed cold.

So now you know - if you are heading off to a picnic or something and you want a cold watermelon, just ask. I'm sure that Kroger could also do the same.

I got a big watermelon today, it was $7.99 (might as well say $8, right?) but it's seedless and it's already cold.

Hubs used to like to buy the containers of watermelon already cut up. I did the math and figured out that if you buy your watermelon already processed like that, it's like buying a $22 watermelon! Watermelons are really easy to cut up, and with those handy Rubbermaid or Ziploc containers, you can easily fix your own up to take to work. I usually fix up a couple for Hubs to take to work, and then cut up the rest of it to go into a large family sized Tupperware container, and then we spoon out our 'at-home' watermelon servings from that.