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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bra Store - Get a Bra Fitting in Snellville

Most women wear the wrong size bra, and if you are hard to fit like I am, then it can be really hard to find the right bra, or even to know if you have the right size.

I recommend you visit Necessities by Sherrie. This store is located in the corner of the New London Plaza shopping center (Turn on Henry Clower Blvd off of US78/Main Street by McDonald's in Snellville).

Go in and get a bra fitting. They carry sizes AA-JJ. They also carry apparel sizes Small through 3XL, products you may have been looking for like Spanx and body shapers. Necessities by Sherrie also offers a Bridal Registry.

The website is and the phone number is 770-736-7113.

They do have some bras on clearance now for 50% off, and microfiber sleepwear and gowns on sale for 20% off.

The prices for the better bras do run around $70-$90 or more, but keep in mind these are not your typical K-Mart or Target bras.

I decided rather than keep spending $20 here and $20 there for bras that don't fit me correctly, I would go in for a fitting, and I'm so very glad I did. I have wasted SO much money on the wrong bras!

In the long run, it's a very good investment -- here's why:

A well-fitting bra can make you look pounds lighter and feel much better. I have been having some back twinges and pain and have noticed I haven't had my back problems for the last couple days since I bought my bras from Sherrie. I no longer have bra straps digging into my shoulders. I feel like I have more energy and better posture. I look better in my clothes.

This is not a paid ad, I promise! I am definitely going back to this store.

Shy? Don't worry about shyness...everything you have they've seen before, believe me.
We all have those bumps, those vericose veins, saggy bellies, and more. If you don't have some of that, you haven't lived. Listen, if I got my overweight saggy bod in there, you can too. You get fitted in a dressing room and it's private.

Details: Bras are non-returnable unless there is a manufacturer's defect. Most other items can be exchanged for other products if the tags are intact and the product is in good condition.

Nice Extra: Everything you buy is in their computer, so when you come back and can't remember what size you had or what style/brand, they can look it up for you.

Extra Nice Extra: Customer service was top notch.

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