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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ordering Coupons You Will Really Use

The Coupon Clippers
I may have mentioned The Coupon Clippers website in the past, but even if I have, it bears repeating.

You may think I am certifiably insane to actually buy coupons,
but it is worth it --

I'll just use something as an example. Just say you regularly buy Chocolate Nesquik powdered mix. I know my kids really love it, but it's expensive, usually about $3.00 per package. So that's a good example of something that keeps and is used by my family on a regular basis.

If Publix has it on their buy one get one sale some week, then that $3 package becomes $1.50. You don't have to buy two packages to get this deal. That's already good, but imagine if you had a .50 cent off coupon for that item. Publix doubles manufacturer's coupons, so that .50 cent coupon becomes $1.00 off. Each package of Nesquik would then cost you only . 50 cents out of pocket -- for a $3 item!!!

When you can get a deal like that, you'd like to buy several, wouldn't you? But oh darn, you only have one coupon. This is why Coupon Clippers is a handy service. Yes, you pay first class shipping for your coupons you order, and a handling fee for each coupon, usually between .08 and .15 cents per coupon. But when you consider the coupon doubling factor, and being able to stockpile up on deals like this, it's so very worth it.

I just spent about $8 on some coupons from The Coupon Clippers tonight. Doubled, they will be worth over $100 when I use them.

What I advise is that, if you already use coupons, flip through your coupons you have now, and pull out those that you wish you had more of. Then use the search function on the site to locate those coupons. It will take a couple days for your coupon order to ship out, so make sure the coupons you want have a far enough away expiration date so you know you will be able to use them in time.

Whether you are a person who loves coupons, or someone who really doesn't like them and if you feel you don't have time for them, you will like The Coupon Clippers. Having a nice stack of coupons for products you actually DO BUY on a regular basis saves you a lot of money.