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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Snellville Publix Deals Jan 29 thru Feb 4

Here are some good deals from Publix this week - most of these are the buy one get one free deals, and I kind of round the prices out, so these prices may not be exact.

Arnold select rolls, were 2.99 half price $1.50

Assorted Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeer miniatures bags (9-11.5 oz bag) 3.70 1.85
There is a .50 cent coupon you should see if you have it. The coupon will double to $1, so the final price after coupon is .85 cents

Birds Eye Viola frozen meal kits 2.80 1.40

Coles Garlic Bread 2.80 1.40

Curly's Pork or Chicken w/ BBQ Sauce 18 oz tub 5.70 2.85
(this appears to be like Lloyd's BBQ)

Dean's Dip 1.98 .95
I used a coupon so was able to get two of these for .44 cents each.

General Mills Chex Mix 2.55 1.28
If you have the .50 cents off coupon for this, it will double so you will pay only .28 cents per bag.

Gia Russa Select Spaghetti Sauce 5.80 2.90
For me, even at half price, this is too high. I look for Ragu that's on sale sometimes for 1.66 or less, just to give you an idea of prices.

Hunts Tomatoes - with coupons, I was able to get several cans for .20 cents each.

Keebler Town House or Club Crackers

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies: $4, sale price $2.
I used coupons so was able to get 4 boxes for 1.25 each.

Kraft BBQ sauce 1.60 .80

Kraft Mayo 4.30 2.15
This is a pretty good price, even though I think the retail is inflated. If you have a coupon, then this is a good thing to stock up on, just be aware of expiration dates to make sure you can use it on time. Or consider donating to food bank.

Kraft Velveeta 3.60 1.80

Lays Potato Chips $4 $2
Pair this with the Dean's Dip at half price, and you have a nice Super Bowl Sunday snack deal.

Lipton Tea bottled Green Tea $8 $4

McCormick Chili Seasoning Mix 1.40 .70 cents

Mrs Paul's Fish Frozen 4.50 2.25
This is for the small boxes, so not the greatest deal in the world, unless you have good coupons for it, or really like this fish.

Wheat Thins $3.50 1.75

Oscar Meyer Beef Franks 4.19 $4.19 2.10

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 2.19 1.10
Good deal to stock up on at this price. I have to hide them from the kids and dole out the bags. lol!

Planters 16 ounce glass jar 3.19 1.60
Definitely a good deal to stock up on, expiration date is in 2010 and the glass will keep them fresh. If you can find them unsalted also, they're nice to have on hand for recipes that call for peanuts.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $3 1.50
Again, a product with an inflated retail value. $1.50 is not a great deal for these, but they are so good I bought a couple of them. The packaging says 25% less sugar. Opened up the box and found out how they achieved that. Each granola bar is about 1/2 inch shorter than it used to be!

Quaker Oats Oatmeal (old fashioned type, in the canister) 2.65 1.60
With a retail price of 2.65, I expected this to be the large canister, but it's a small one. I had coupons, which made each .75 cents. Good to have on hand to make granola bars and oatmeal cookies, and of course, oatmeal. Also a great thing to donate to the Southeast Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry's food bank.

Snack Factory Pretzel Chips 3.20 1.60

Tombstone Pizza 5.80 2.90
Whenever I can find frozen pizza at price of $3.33 or less, it's a good deal.

V8 Splash Juice 3.11 1.55
I bought the Strawberry-Kiwi flavor. Very good, my 3 year old likes it, too. Keep in mind though, although this product is portrayed as a health food, it does have high fructose corn syrup as one of the main ingredients.


Breakstone Sour Cream .99
This is not the dinky container, it's a very large size for .99 cents. Good value. I used a .55 cents off coupon so final price was .44. Can't beat that!

Kraft American Singles $2

Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup 4 Pack 1.99
Only .50 cents per can when you buy the 4 pack. I used a coupon so my final price per can was .30 cents a can.

TGI Friday Appetizers 50% off
Choose from several varieties, the retail on most of these is about 9.00, which is way too high for what these appetizers are. I bought one of the Chicken Quesadillas, because I don't think I could buy the ingredients to make those myself for less than 4.50. They are really good, by the way.

Maybelline Mascara ... the entire line of Maybelline Mascaras are 50% off. I found one with retail of $4.99, so that made it $2.50, then used a $1 off coupon and was able to get it for $1.50.
How is that for a deal?

Ziploc Bags are $2
This is a good value, especially if you want the Quart or Gallon bags. There are usually a lot of Ziploc coupons out there, so look for them before you shop.