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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ulta beauty Snellville

UPDATE: One of my friends swears by Ulta, says she wouldn't have her hair done anyplace else. She says pays $230 by the time she's done with cut, color, etc and is happy to pay that - she says it's worth it. I paid $23 for wash, cut, and dry at Great Clips, and I've gotten tons of compliments. I am paying 10% of what my friend is paying at Ulta. So, to each her own, I guess!

My daughter received a gift card for Ulta Beauty store for Christmas. Of course, she wanted to get to the store and use it right away. Wow, that place was busy (it was the day after Christmas, after all). We were able to get some nice clearance items, but the clearance prices weren't as low as I would have hoped.

I had two items that rang up double the price tagged on the shelf. She had a good explanation for that - people pick up items and don't put them back in the same place. She explained that all the colors of the makeup line were not discounted.

I am a pretty careful shopper, and I had read the shelf tags. So I was able to catch the $4.99 item that rang up for $9.99 and had that taken out of my purchases, but the nail polish that was listed as $3.99 rang up as $7.99 and I missed that one. It's a very good Revlon nail polish, but I don't need to spend nearly $8 for a clear nail polish, that's ridiculous.

It's been a long time since I've been in the Ulta store, but they were able to look up my Ulta membership card by my phone number. The people working there were very nice, and I know the day after Christmas is a hard day to rate/review a store, so I would give them another chance. It just seems that the prices are always different or higher than I have expected on every visit. That's part of the reason I am not a regular shopper there. I don't find any deals that I can't get at the local grocery store or at Snellville's Sally Beauty Supply if I need something special or salon quality.

Ulta Beauty is located at 2059 Scenic Hwy N # 107, Snellville and the phone number for the store is 770-979-7151. They're online at Ulta (affiliate link)

By looking through the Ulta site, it looks like the best deals are to be found online. You get 2 free samples with every order, and there are specials like buy 2 Ulta products get one free that I see now on their website that I wasn't aware of during the store visit. If you can find a discount or promo code for Ulta, you could do even better.

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