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Monday, August 23, 2010

Academy Sports will come to Snellville

The two empty properties near the corner of Janmar Road and Scenic Highway will become retail/restaurants and the large area that housed the former Home Depot garden center will become Academy Sports and Outdoors, after a Snellville Council vote of 6 in favor, none opposed. The redevelopment will replace two old properties with 3 new buildings up to code and landscape standards.

During tonight's Snellville City Council meeting, representatives Ram Realty Services stated that there's quite a difference between the amount of truck traffic Academy Sports would receive when compared to a grocery store. A grocery store, they stated, brings about 5-6 truck deliveries a day, and Academy Sports would receive about 5 trucks a week. Another concern brought by a citizen was that the street could be damaged by the heavy trucks. Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer gently countered that concern by explaining that when Home Depot garden center built in the area, the road and parking lot were built in order to withstand heavy shipments in trucks. Mayor Oberholtzer recalled this from his time on the Snellville City Council.

Prior to the vote, changes to the record and conditions were read by Council Member Tod Warner and accepted by Ram Realty Services of Atlanta (the property developer.) The conditions were:
  • No deliveries between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m
  • Trash compactor must be concealed
  • An 8 ft. opaque fence to be built to provide a barrier/buffer to the Office-Professionally zoned area behind the redevelopment
  • Signs can be no larger in totality than 15 feet to 225 square feet for parcels abutting Highway 124/Scenic Highway. Signs may be up to but no larger than 225-square feet, with approval Snellville's Director of Planning and Development.
Academy Sports and Outdoors will have a buffer built behind the building. They will extend the buffer all the way to Janmar Road with a wrap-around. The representative from Ram Realty said that it would "not be 100 percent screened, but more than what had been proposed before." 

Academy Sports would like to open the new store by July of 2011. One of the two Ram Realty representatives present said that a nationally-known restaurant is interested in opening in the development also, but that the restaurant's plans were dependent upon Academy Sports opening.