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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being truthful to yourself and others about money

I was invited to eat dinner with several friends tonight. I might go, if I can go by myself.  You see, we took our family of 6 to this particular Snellville restaurant for my birthday and it cost about $75-$80. We didn't order any alcoholic beverages. This is just food and soft drinks. Actually, I think I had water with lemon, which was free.

So, if I take several or all of my kids, eating out at this place would be more than I want to spend right now.
I say "want" to spend, not "can" spend, because technically, I "can" spend it. But, I shouldn't spend that much. I can buy an entire weeks' worth of groceries for the family for $80. So it just doesn't seem wise to
spend that kind of money.

I think sometimes we are all tempted to live beyond our means. Nobody wants to admit they don't have the money for something, so we just "charge it."  I think it's time to be open with everyone and tell them when you can't afford something. Not to ask for a hand out, but to be realistic and realize that we can't spend money we don't have. Maybe if everybody was more truthful with their friends and themselves, we'd all be in better shape financially.

I'm all in favor of supporting Snellville restaurants whenever you can, but if it's really not in your budget, then don't do it. Suggest to friends that you can all get together 'pot-luck.' Everybody brings something to the table. Everybody will have a great time, have great food and stay well within their budget.